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ORIGIN: Atlanta, Georgia

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Top 16 |  The Voice Season 22

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Sasha Hurtado is a recording artist and singer/songwriter local to Atlanta, Georgia. She fell in love with the art and skill of singing from a very young age, while songwriting and picking up the guitar followed soon thereafter. Sasha released her first song, “Mr. No Good Guy” in 2020 and has since released multiple singles.
Sasha began leading praise & worship at just 8 years old to gigging locally as a solo acoustic artist throughout her teens. Some of her most notable opportunities include being on Season 22 of NBC’s The Voice, where she placed in the top 16, and was dubbed as The Stolen One. John Legend stated that “Sasha deserved it, and I couldn’t let her go home. She’s been so good throughout these rounds." John goes on to say "she’s been stolen now twice, and she just hits every note so beautifully with such precision and control."


Sasha has since opened up for Rick Springfield at a sold-out show in Georgia, and released another single titled, “Small Talk”. She plans to continue doing shows and releasing music, as writing and creating is her favorite thing to do. Sasha states that “watching a song come to life from start to finish, and making the creatives for it is such a fulfilling process. I get to tell stories for a living and write about things/feelings that everyone experiences in life. I love my job!"

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